Understanding Dentistry

 Dental disease affects more than just the mouth.  It can lead to serious health problems including heart, lung and kidney disease.  Is is important to provide your pet with proper dental care from the start.  Draper Animal Hospital provides advanced dental care with high quality equipment including scaling/polishing/high-speed drill unit and dental radiology (x-ray). 

Components of Veterinary Dental Care:

There are two critical components of your pet's veterinary dental care:  oral examinations and dental cleanings.  We provide oral examinations with all exams and offer full dental cleanings with advanced treatment options as necessary.

Veterinary dental care begins at the puppy and kitten life stage.  Retained puppy/kitten teeth can begin the process of periodontal disease and lead to gingivitis and tartar accumulation.  As your pet matures, periodontal disease becomes more common and regular exams and cleanings will keep your pet's mouth in top condition.  

A thorough physical exam and general anesthesia are required to perform complete scaling, polishing, and exam of your pet's teeth.  After cleaning, Dr. Chapman performs a full oral exam, evaluating all teeth, gums, tongue, and oral cavity to identify areas of concern.  If issues are found, dental x-rays are taken to evaluate the health of the teeth and a comprehensive plan of treatment is initiated.  Call today to schedule an exam and consultation with Dr.Chapman to evaluate your pet's dental health, 801-553-2104