Understanding Diagnostics

Your pet's medical needs are our top priority.  Making correct diagnosis is critical to providing you and your pet the best care.  At Draper Animal Hospital, we provide advanced diagnostics to ensure accurate and timely diagnosis, and monitoring, of your pet's medical conditions.  We offer radiology (x-ray), microscopy (microscope evaluation), fecal analysis, ultrasound, physical exam, and complete blood evaluations.  

Our hospital is equipped with IDEXX in-house blood laboratory.  This blood machine enables Draper Animal Hospital to offer quick assessment of your pet's internal function.  We also use IDEXX outside lab for all pathology and consultation needs.

Complete physical exams are the most necessary component of all diagnostics.  We begin every visit with obtaining a full history of your pet's problems and perform a complete and intensive physical exam. The findings from the exam will guide us to recommend treatments or additional diagnostics.  

Ultrasound is an advanced evaluation of the internal body. Ultrasound enables us to evaluate function of the heart as well as organs throughout the body.  This gives us a live picture of the inside of your pet.

Radiology allows us to see spacial relationships of your pet's internal organs.  We evaluate size and position to accurately diagnose internal problems.  Radiology also allows us to evaluate orthopedic conditions with detail. 

Microscopy is the science of exam with a microscope.  Here, we evaluate aspirates and stained cytology at the smallest level to detail the cause of health conditions.  We can identify parasites, bacterial infections, and type/cause of masses.

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